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the Cosy corner for the sewing machine

Appears more and more possibilities to provide uninterrupted, well functioning system, household services for simplification of homework which takes away too much time. However the woman should do, as before, some works most.

Our apartments are equipped all is more modern. Classical division of apartment into a drawing room and a bedroom recedes into the background more and more, however in this connection rooms are used all more expediently. Premises should be equipped beautifully and practical. However quite often both that and another "ъѕёрх=ё ". We take, for example, the old sewing machine, on which else our grandmother at the time of the youth sewed. The machine old, but surprisingly strong. What necessity to buy the new machine and it is unreasonable to burden the family budget if it is required to you of all some times in a year? .

At all the grandmother's machine thus looks is not very attractive any more. Can be costs to us, considering all circumstances, to equip a small workshop for the housewife, is better in a corner of our room which simultaneously is a bedroom and a study? It is desirable, that our not so attractive machine was well entered in an overall picture or has absolutely dropped out of sight, but at the same time that it and all sewing accessories constantly were near at hand. .

Is better we will try to begin with absolutely simple locker, height, the width and which depth correspond to the sizes of the sewing machine. For this purpose we need to have only a plate and bokovinu. Both that, and another leans against laths (4 x 6 sm), which privertyvajutsja to walls of a room by means of screws and shkantov. To bokovine it is possible to attach on shkantah a small shelf in which bottom part fashionable magazines, patterns and so forth and which is the original bridge to the pieces of furniture which are with a number settle down. All construction should be painted in neutral white colour which for certain, approaches to other furniture is better. If the room equipment allows, it is necessary to hang up a curtain which would close the machine, and to put a stool or a chair which could be used as sitting during sewing works on the machine, having fitted their frill from this a material. Then all composition gets especially interesting atskent. To give it completeness it is possible by means of an old mirror (if such will be somewhere in a closet) and an old casket which we will put on a shelf. The casket should be enough big to contain threads, buttons, buttons, centimetre, scissors etc. Absolutely simple angular shelf puts all points over "ш". On it it is possible to put, for example, a self-made small pillow for needles, pins and other trifles necessary for sewing. .

For illumination of enough small working lamp with a metal cap which the daddy or the interested technics the son can strongly attach to the machine any skoboj (length of a connecting cord, certainly, also should be considered). .

Certainly, it is impossible to list all ideas which can arise at registration of a corner for sewing. The imagination here can be boundless. However at carrying out of these works always it is necessary to remember one: all details should be picked up with taste and completely be entered in room conditions where we equip this corner. If to meet this condition the workplace will involuntarily draw the originality, and to mum, certainly, it will be much more pleasant to work in this corner. .

Really, it was found out that the old sewing machine has much more high qualities, than we suspected earlier. It not only sews pretty well, it has still brought in our house a little bit more cosiness, than earlier.

From the drawing (at the left) it is clear, as cover fastening to a wall and as small sticks with vertical bokovinoj incorporate is carried out.
From the drawing (at the left) it is clear, as cover fastening to a wall and as small sticks with vertical bokovinoj incorporate is carried out.