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Convenient space under a window

In our following section it will be a question of space about a window in the narrow room which width approximately 200 see Here is, over what to think to joiners-fans. On this example we would like to show variety of ideas which can be varied and solved in the diversified image, depending on concrete conditions, despite rather limited possibilities of a premise. It is a question of that space near to a window to use true multilayeredly. On a surface of a floor the area approximately 210 X 200 the sm can be constructed some the practical constructions most of different function united among themselves. A couch (which can be used as convenient furniture for sitting in the afternoon), universal purpose regiments, a step construction (which simultaneously can be used as furniture for sitting) and at last in appropriate way the equipped place for storage of bed-clothes and placing of other things here enter.

In the centre of all space about a window there is a couch equipped at height 6о sm from a floor. It keeps within directly under a window on a frame which should be very strong. This frame is carried out from thick reek which reliably fasten to a wall and lean against vertically established racks. It is possible to lay a usual spring mattress or a covering on this frame from boards. On the drawing (below on the right) the frame with laid across rejkami is represented. In this case it is necessary to put a thin firm wood-fiber plate (TDVP). As a soft substrate for a couch we take three porolonovyh pillows (the size 60 h 90 sm everyone) and one klinoobraznuju a pillow under a head. Pillows should be fitted (at least from above and from sides) iznosoustojchivoj a furniture upholstery or soft marquisette. In front the skeleton should be closed a frame in which on the one hand should be enough big aperture for a box pushed on rollers. Nearby there is the folding cover closing other part which we can use for storage of the most different prophetic not the first necessity. .

About this design it is possible to put a rack falling outside the limits a bed and going along a wall as, for example, it is specified in our drawing (at the left), the wardrobe Put before it finishes this ensemble on the one hand rooms. On the other hand, using thick rejki as vertical support, and corresponding pieces of plates (for them we can take as a material from old cases, and drevesnostruzhechnye plates (DSP) in the thickness of 2 sm), we construct a design on which bottom part it is possible to put, for example, books, and top to use as a table-top or as a support for a radio receiver or a player. .

To our bed the small ladder (it is represented in the drawing centre) conducts. It consists in the bottom part of an eminence hammered together in the form of a box and connected to a design on the right. It is the most expedient to cover with its flooring. As the second step it is possible to use one more box, the smaller sizes with which we will fill with soft stuffing and simultaneously from above and from sides we will cover with a flooring. This box can be used and as banketku to what the soft small pillow put on it testifies. .

If we plan to paint separate elements - regiments, a bed frame, we can execute all connections on nails (having drowned heads of nails and having puttied apertures). Otherwise it is required to connect details from wood thorns and shkantami. .

Bearing elements of the main design should have very strong connections. Therefore for this purpose it is the most expedient to use bolts (see the scheme below on the right). As at bolts very large, them it is necessary to transform heads by means of a paint into decorative points or to close metal caps which usually establish on furniture legs. .