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Connection of details of wood by nails

When the winter comes to an end, in apartment the basic repair usually begins. Someone the truth, has thought of it even in the autumn and in advance was prepared, however necessity of those or other works is found out sometimes only in the winter. And in the spring all needs to be put in order. Thus first of all it is required to repair, as a rule, a floor, for example, on a summer residence. The knot Somewhere has dropped out, and there was an aperture, somewhere has rotted through or the board so has warped that it it is necessary to replace a part. Boards Somewhere have dispersed, and the crack was formed. In this case it is necessary to take narrow, slightly cut from below rejki and to hammer their hammer in formed, in cracks. Then acting parts level a plane with the general surface of a floor.

If it is necessary to replace a floor site, first of all it is necessary to establish an exact arrangement of beams to which boards are beaten. On hats of nails it is easy for defining. It is the most convenient to replace the whole board between overlapping beams. For this purpose it is necessary to drill in the beginning in a board two apertures near to a beam and then to cut a board (from an aperture to an aperture to an external edge) narrow poreznoj nozhovkoj. Then we attach, from below the piece rejki and is sawn other party of a board nozhovkoj. Having taken out the damaged piece of a board, we mow down a rasp the rest and the additional piece rejki which will serve as a support for an established new part is beaten from the inside to beams. As there is a connection of a new piece of a board with old, is shown in drawing. .

Certainly that the established piece of a board in the same way is mowed down on the face parties and put so densely that at its connection with an old piece of a board is not formed any crack. If we wish to replace not all part of a board between two beams, we should, as is specified in drawing, to beat to a new piece from below, in a place of a connecting seam, thick rejku. This rejka should lean on both next boards of a floor. As the majority of boards of a floor Is connected in shpunt and a crest, taking out an old board, it is necessary to delete a crest of the next board by means of a wide chisel. .

As thus, as well as at some other repair work, does not do without nails, in drawing some more ways of connection of details from wood by means of nails are represented. First of all it is a question about pribivanii nails reek. Thanks to inclined driving in of nails, durability of connection raises and at increase in loading at a board of a hat of nails do not leave wood. This way zabivanija nails is suitable and for connection, in case of need, two boards. .

If in special cases we want, that such connection of details from wood was not visible, a wide chisel the small site of a surface rises (as is shown in drawing), the nail is driven in and then the raised place is strongly pasted by glue cold otverzhdenija. Certainly, it is necessary to operate cautiously that the raised place of a surface has not crumbled. However if it all the same occurs, chips need to be pasted accurately. At driving in of nails it is necessary to watch that the wood structure was not deformed. .

In case of insignificant damages of wood under the raised piece this place nevertheless can be levelled, having added a bit more than glue. On the pasted places it is necessary to put cargo, while glue not "ё§тр=ш=". That the acted glue has not pasted cargo, on stuck together places preliminary put enough big piece of a paper. Roughnesses on a board surface can be smoothed a coarse-grained emery paper or tsiklej. .