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Compound boxes for the different purposes

the House master can make useful things not only for an own garden, but also for garden association or collective of tenants of the house, for example, the big boxes for colours, a sandbox for kids, a compound table for which many person, or easily assorted fence for kompostnoj heaps can sit down.

In the bottom drawing the principle of angular connections of boards to which help it is possible to connect rather easily everything that has been listed above on the right is represented. Certainly, the imagination at application of this way of building can be boundless. For example, similarly it is possible to make and plank beds for solar baths or a narrow bench. At first sight, apparently, that these constructions will demand a lot of material. However it is absolutely not obligatory, as just last of the named designs can be made with considerable economy of a material, at the expense of absence bokovin.

However, for constructions on a garden site well remained old material quite approaches. And how many it unfairly gets to the furnace or is simply senselessly burnt in the spring or in the autumn. Now we will pass to the construction. On boards, absolutely various on width, on distance of several centimetres from end faces the cut on half of width of the board inserted from above at right angle becomes. At the bottom board the cut should be made on such depth that the remained wood still provided sufficient durability, and besides, for example, in the big box for colours or a sandbox, this bottom piece of a board should be drowned in the earth. Then on last board from above if the top edge has to form an equal surface of a square, it is not necessary to do any cuts; this board only has the width equal to depth of an eye. If boards are separately prepared thus, they are only inserted each other, and the frame planned by us for various subjects is ready. .

Clearly that wood for constructions which are open-air, are preliminary processed by the structure protecting it from rotting.

After the high box made of boards for colours is filled by the earth and in it plants are landed, it is necessary to put it, having chosen for it a correct place. Its truth it is not necessary to make out as a separate square or a rectangle. In drawing below flower boxes of different height at the left are represented. .

The Principle of connection of details from wood on thorns without the aid of glue, nails or screws can be used and in the conditions of apartment where by means of small plates and laths it is possible to make a decorative frame for pots with flowers. At a sandbox (the top drawing see) from two opposite sides benches then it is possible to fall asleep in it sand are established. Boards of benches privertyvajutsja or are nailed up by screws. Screws and nails should be drowned, that children who will play here, were not wounded. .

If we, according to the described principle of a design, want to make a compound table the corresponding table-top (which at this type of a design can act extensively on 5-10 sm in relation to angular crossings) is adjusted to the sizes of a basic frame, from below is supplied thick rejkami which precisely get to an aperture - and very strong, easily collected and assorted table is ready. .

The Box for represented in average drawing kompostnoj heaps has the advantage, consisting that without any special support it is possible to impose compost highly enough, and a lot of place is thus saved. When kompostnaja the heap understands, frame parts again incorporate at once for a new heap. .