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Collections in a hall

the People living both in new, and in old apartments, think of how it is the most rational to use a vestibule - whether there is a speech about the clothes equipment, installation of pendant shelves or full reorganisation of a wall.

In a variant offered by us hall re-equipment will depend completely on taste of tenants and their hobbies. The most various hobbies, more often a collecting, demand the place. Irrespective of object of a collecting, it should be located so that to be in the public eye at the collector, to give to it pleasure and, certainly, that the collector could show the exhibits to friends and acquaintances.

Our offer recognises that tastes at all are various, and if one member of a family takes a great interest petrologiej another space researches more interest.

The Subjects concerning these hobbies, take places on various regiments of the cases located between dvermi. The Main principle of registration of a wall is constructed on rectangular sections of various size. They can be made separately and then to establish in a certain combination the friend over the friend, having made the combined case. Besides the case can be constructed the integral. Three designs presented in the top drawing, have rather svoebraznuju structure both on the internal lay-out, and on external differentiation (it concerns an average and left case). But it also reaches original registration of a wall as it allows to allocate separate exhibits especially effectively. .

Before starting to work, it is necessary to be clear in the mind that, in what sections, in what quantity should be placed and what there can be sizes of exhibits. All finally depends on it. Here it is necessary to refuse any symmetry.

The Equipment of cases with various sections should be welcomed especially, as further including at collection increase, cases can be built on constantly.

As the decorative element underlining those or other features of a design, it is necessary to name still small, hanging down with a ceiling, a lamp. Electroconducting is mounted for rejkoj on which at various height, according to the form of shelves, lamps are suspended. .

Light sources serve first of all for the best illumination of the exposed exhibits and only in the second turn have decorative appointment. The distance from a room wall should be such that the forward third of lamps left for a forward edge of cases. .

Depth of cases similarly depends on those things which settle down in sections, however it should not be more than 25 see Is better, if the thickness of a used material is approximately 2 see As the sizes of separate boxes are frequently small, it is possible to use for these purposes and a material from old furniture. .

If cases integral, it is recommended to connect their separate parts among themselves to the help shkantov. Thus preliminary it is necessary to calculate precisely, what parts and in what sequence incorporate. At case construction bearing bokoviny should be established so that reliably to maintain prospective loadings. .

If we build cases of separate sections, is better to force down quadrangles nails or to connect their screws, then to establish against each other in necessary sequence and again to connect screws. The truth as a result of it a thickness of internal shelves or walls will be twice thicker. It is possible to refuse a back wall. Cases incorporate to a wall of a room probes.