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When the case becomes a decorative screen

Not only in old houses, but also in many new, waterpipe pipes pass through floors. In most cases pipes are located in a corridor. However there, where visitors enter into apartment, pipes very much disturb. By means of certain reorganisations of a pipe it would be possible to hide. However it should be made so that in case of any repair to pipes there was an access. We will consider two variants.

In drawing below the decorative covering which sizes depend on the sizes of pipes which should be closed on the right is represented. The truth is available for this covering one lack, consisting that this part of a premise hidden from extraneous eyes, it is impossible to use with the maximum rationality. Apparently in drawing, we should create a design reaching a ceiling and acting in depth of a premise. From the inside from above and from below (if it is possible, and behind) the design strongly incorporates to a ceiling, a floor and a wall by means of probes. Then we do a frame. Of 6-10 sm which are fastened on corners vnahlestku are for this purpose used rejki in the thickness and stick together. Then are established vertical, acting forward rejki, and they are put with such intervals that it was not visible that behind them is. A wall as a support joins on shkantah rejka so that the frame which, thanks to it, easily acts in film, can be fixed by means of latches. .

The Second, more rational variant is represented in the top drawing. In this case it is a question of an angular case behind which back wall pipes disappear. In it it is possible to hold the most various things, but it can be used and as clothes, a telephone little table, a bookcase etc. Thereby we kill two hares: first pipes it is not visible any more, and secondly we receive universal purpose furniture. At corresponding registration this design not only is practical, but also decorates a premise. At its construction it is necessary to pay attention to reliability of connections as the case should move on rollers that, in case of need, it was possible to have convenient access to pipes. .

For a case construction it is possible to alter parts of old cases, however it is necessary to use thus the boards wide or stuck together to the demanded width. As a material it is possible to use quite firm wood-fiber plates (TDVP). The height and width of a case are defined by possibilities of premises. If it is a question of a high corridor in old apartment, it is recommended to equip above eaves and to make a rack mobile only on height of 200 sm in this connection it is necessary to consider weight of the filled case. Depth of a case should be approximately 25-30 the Angular parity see it is possible to transfer on boards by means of a template. Division of a case offered by us can be considered, certainly, only, as one of variants. .

At desire, in general it is possible to supply boxes with doors simple or leaning back. Regiments and bokoviny should be strongly connected to the help shkantov as if it is required to roll away a case, it is necessary to take into consideration and its weight. For a back wall it is recommended to use a firm wood-fiber plate. It gets special rigidity if a case frame, and also vertical and cross-section boards are strongly connected among themselves by screws. .

To close rollers, it is necessary to paste in front plintusnuju a board. However it should be such width that between a floor and the bottom edge there was still a backlash 1 - 1,5 see

If in a corridor some niches closed by curtains a corner where there are pipes, it is possible to drape too with a curtain having hung up it across a corner. .