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Benches, backs and fixtures

Different people make different demands to convenience of the apartment. One aspire to that the room equipment was strict and practical, others pay the basic attention to a cosiness and comfort. In any case there is a set of trifles which somehow influence the general atmosphere of our apartment and to no small degree define, is how much cosy we of in it we feel. Offers containing in this section on the equipment and re-equipment of premises are directed on introducing in it something natural, original. That it was carried out with skill and the subjects made your hands, looked beautifully and solidly, we bring to your attention some the stylised products which well look not only in apartment, but also in a garden.

The First example concerns uses reek which we attach to walls and we start up round a room or we place in one corner. In the top drawing our project is represented visually enough. The purpose of placing such reek consists first of all in protecting walls in small rooms from damages by a chair or armchair back. .

Certainly, rejki, placed on a wall round a room or occupying its part, do not represent a special ornament for a premise. Therefore it is recommended to issue them as a decorative edge. For this purpose rejki on a wall one is placed in two ranks, on some distance over another. Between rejkami and walls it is strengthened others, small rejki (average drawing at the left see) that the cores rejki did not adjoin to a wall closely. These narrow rejki together with the cores are screwed by screws on a wall through same in advance fixed in a wall plastic shkanty. If to paint rejki with a paint well combined on tone with the general colour of a wall, it is already possible to gain interesting colour effect. Decorative screws do our construction finished. .

Our second offer is the low bench. It is made of very thick material, and it can be used both in premises, and in a garden. Stood in the corner and half covered with foam rubber, the bench serves not only for sitting, but also carries out partially a support role under a box with colours or the TV. .

How to make a bench, it is well visible from our drawing (an average on the right). As the rough sizes the length of the Bench - 140 sm and width - 70 sm is given; the height should not exceed 40 Tolstoys basic legs see are supplied tsargami and cross-beams. In our example of a cross-beam pass basic legs through. For hardening of a design of a cross-beam incorporate thick, longitudinal rejkoj. From above for the necessary width we screw Boards in the thickness of 2,5-3 sm calculated for sitting. Needless to say that all edges should be rounded. .

Our third offer concerns lamps which is in harmony with the subjects presented in this section. In our bottom drawings you see a ready lamp (on the right), and also details of the design consisting of four rallied boards, making the external frame, four konicheski cut off, naklonno the established rigid element and the pendant device connecting a design with a ceiling. In a box there is a connection between a lamp and feeding wire. .

It is possible to decorate This lamp design with a fringe from biserinok, wooden or plastic balls; also flounces from a fabric with motley drawing beautifully look. All elements of an ornament take places only on the bottom edge of the big frame. Thus it is necessary to be very cautious and to watch that ornaments really decorated a design, instead of did its insipid. In our opinion, a lamp, at all it is not necessary to paint, and it is possible to be limited only moreniem then to cover all design with a colourless varnish.