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the Bathroom too can be cosy

In each apartment there are premises of quite certain special-purpose designation. One of such premises is the bathroom from a bathroom, a washing machine, a washstand and a toilet bowl (in the book the variant of a bathroom with the combined bathroom is considered). Now there is a question: what it is possible to make to give to a bathroom a cosy kind? Thanks to some trifles, it is possible to smooth the general, deprived of any imagination, impression, and simultaneously to establish rather useful things. An overall objective of all our actions is optimum use of it, more often a close premise.

First, it is necessary to think of place re-equipment under a bowl and over it, and also between a toilet and other part of a premise. .

Under a bowl, as a rule, there are buckets and similar ware. We will leave them there and the small rack as it is specified in drawings on the right is equipped under a bowl. It is carried out as follows: two vertically standing boards (the height and depth are defined by the sizes of a bowl) incorporate in front (the top drawing) and behind (the bottom drawing) by means of cross-section reek. At height of buckets (plus of 5 sm) as cross-section connection, is established the shelf which back wall is closed by a firm wood-fiber plate. This plate goes more often naklonno from top to down that internal registration of a rack corresponded to a bowl profile. Top rejka simultaneously plays a role directing for a small curtain. .

The Design moves under a bowl. In case of its repair it is possible to take out without effort back.

Before colouring it is recommended wood, in order to avoid influence on it to dampness, thoroughly proolifit. It concerns also all similar building constructions from wood.

Over a bowl we wish to have a mirror, shelves for cosmetics, and also a closed locker. .

For this purpose we establish a locker depth of 15-20 sm which bottom shelf is twice longer than its width. Thereby the shelf before a mirror simultaneously turns out. The left wall of a locker incorporates to a cover through thorns. The right wall incorporates with bottom shkantami, and to top also through thorns. Dverka a case usually supplementary or unprofitable. Internal division by cross-beams depends on your personal wishes. The back wall fastens pins with the laths put from within. Naveshivanie a locker it is made by a method of the latent suspension bracket by means of the hooks entering into its cross-section board. Certainly, necessary mirror is suspended in a corner between the bottom board and a locker. .

The Third offer concerns the small partition separating a toilet corner from other premise. On partition regiments usually there is a small stock of napkins, cosmetics and so forth. For a partition put vertically thick bar or chetyrehkantnyj a bar, krepjat to a wall on shkantah a board in width of 10-15 sm and connect a bar (or a bar) and a board cross-beams. For fastening of boards of shelves to a bar or chetyrehkantnomu to a bar privertyvajutsja screws squares or, through the corresponding drilled apertures, are inserted shkanty or metal bolts. Regiments lean against them then also. .

At vertical division of separate shelves of a board incorporate with shkantami. That durability of this, rather easy design dividing a premise was provided not only by means of forming shelves poporechnyh connections, it is necessary to connect reliably bearing bar (or chetyrehkantyj a bar) to a floor and a premise ceiling. It is usually carried out by means of probes which vmazyvajutsja together with a solution of plaster or if ceiling and floor possibilities allow, are simply hammered.