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Furniture the hands

we Dare to assume that at present you sit in front of the monitor of own personal computer. On a chair. Not important, "юс№ъэютхээ№щ" it is a chair go "ю¶шёэ№щ" or even developed specially for the head. This place habitual to us today for sitting. Ordinary furniture what is present and at barchelor apartment, both at parents, and at the friends burdened with family, on a summer residence, in a camping, on work - everywhere.

We, of course, presume slightly "Ёрчсртш=і" luxury of modern ergonomics, somewhere on picnic having taken seat on penek and having placed drinks on the earth, and shish kebabs, having laid on a flat stone. Or to sing songs, sitting rjadkom on brevnyshke. Hemp, a log, stones are, actually, and there is a prototype of furniture primary which our far-far ancestors used. However after all, you see, on a chair somehow it is more habitual.

And after all during old ancient times to take seat on a chair was the greatest privilege which persons could use only, in whose veins flew "уюыѕср  ъЁюті" - kings, tsars and other great, to it similar. For example, the German historian of a XVII-th century of Oleary described, how for Russian tsar-father Michael Fedorovichem carried during a solemn exit a red chair - that was not forgotten narodets with whom has honour to communicate. For the chair then was considered practically as the THRONE. And really, than the throne differs from a chair: as a matter of fact, it is same, only absolutely exclusive work.

And its presence told much about privileges stulovladeltsa. Especially in Russia. After all predecessors of a chair - a minibench or a stool carried and for the representative of the power in ancient Rome. The servant followed kurulom with "яю§юфэ№ь" a seat which was if necessary put on the earth, kurul sat on it and judged the people addressing to it with claims.

It is possible to present, of course, as for the Roman with the important bearing the couple of brawny slaves with a wide bench where it it is easy vozljazhet is dragged, will drink a cup-other of the wine diluted on of that time custom and will start to moralize to the guilty citizens. But the chair obliged to sit in the certain, is ascetic-cogitative pose which had to acceptance of critical decisions.

At all of us became in another way. Dignitaries expected arrival of applicants, sitting or at home, or in offices where the place for sitting prepared in advance. After all the furniture in Russia was a house part, and was motionless. And only very important misters presumed to order to themselves mobile subjects of house conditions.

But even royal blood of the person not always sat down on a chair, preferring to have a rest alone, mostly, on a bench. By the way, on benches hatched out put time and the Duma boyars at the tsar, on benches officials a rank more small, on them huddled, benches, ate all - from the nobility to peasants inclusive. Benches had a reputation for the running and often bought up goods, whereas chairs - the goods piece, especial. In Europe they quickly enough evolved, in comparison with Russia.

"Ршф ёшх ьхё=р" umjagchalis, to them attached soft backs and armrests, gradually transforming them into prototypes of modern sofas and armchairs. However chairs and even stools remained the privilege of the nobility, approached to a throne. The king, as a rule, sat on receptions on a throne, and only some, especially caused a stir before it, the right to sit on a stool at its presence was awarded.

Today the furniture, certainly, has undergone striking changes. Not only that it has ceased to be object of pride and envy, becoming an ordinary subject of use. Today manufacturing of furniture not only proves art taste of the master, but also knowledge of modern sciences of convenience: the same ergonomics, for example. And requirements to all things in dwelling are shown now, proceeding from their comfort, quality of manufacturing and is indispensable that also the eye pleased with the originality. But, despite all it, the furniture not always happens is convenient enough. Even expensive that is especially insulting.

And here then, having faced samples of unacceptable furniture in use, visits desire to make subjects of house conditions own hands. Probably, here works an instinct: "ьющ the house - my fortress, it should be ѕ¦=э№ь".

For some fans to make things the hands a considerable role plays ekskljuzivnost received as a result of a subject. Others simply wish to save a little for the house budget, having spent only for accessories and "яюыѕ¶рсЁшър=№": DSP, plywood and furnish.

However thus it is not necessary to forget that here it is not necessary to limit financially itself as the considerable part of money already remained in the budget, and own inquiries and desires nevertheless should be respected, that in an end result that model which reflected originally has turned out. At least that has not died, the desire trampled in a germ to make something especial.

Do not limit itself in a choice of materials, today in the market of building materials there is everything that accessories, finishing materials, tools and the equipment are required for professional manufacturing of things from a tree, faultless quality. If the seller, having learnt about your desire to get something, starts to assure you that the requested model is absent on sale practically everywhere - do not trust. You have the right also possibility pokapriznichat. Look in other places - required it will necessarily be found out.

However before to start furniture manufacturing by own hands it is necessary to undertake some steps which will allow to be defined, whether it is so important - to make this step most. Sometimes easier, more well, faster and … to glance in shop more cheaply, to choose and buy furniture, than weeks to lead up to a hysterics all family, and as a result of to receive nothing, except istrachennyh money, time and nerves.

There are some good reasons to start to do it. The first and main - desire to create a thing independently to enclose in it a soul, to receive the piece goods, an exclusive on which it will be pleasant to look and show to visitors: here it was made by me. The second - is to be saved, for in the family budget not too it is a lot of money to buy a good, desired thing. And besides, that is offered in shops at all does not answer your inquiries.

If these conditions are met - means, you really should draw a breadboard model of a prospective subject of house conditions, to think over, from what materials you assume it to collect, and - start business!

And we will help you.